What is bumperball?

Čo je bumperball The basics of the game are air-filled balls which are worn by players, the rest is up on them. This is the bubble football or football in bubbles if you want. This new adrenaline sport is also used to call bubble football, zorball, bodyzorbing or loopyball. The game has several variations, you can play football (soccer), sumo, bowling or just hit each other. It is a safe fun for both children and adults, men and women. It can be played be anyone who is at least 10 years old, with height at least 150 cm and people without serious health issues. The game is not recommended to pregnant women, of course. Our bumpers are supplied by a leading European manufacturer from Czech Republic. They are made of TPU, a material that is resistant to frost and heat. Each bumper is equipped with handles made from soft material for maximum safety. Thanks to quality material, activity itself is not limited to season or surface. Bumperball can be played in the summer and winter too, on the grass, in the gym, on the snow or even on the ice. However, it is very important that sharp objects are not present on the playing surface. They could cause damage to the bumpers and to the players too.

Operating rules of Bumperball

  • The attraction must not be attended by persons with cardiac pacemakers, heart disease, pregnant women and people suffering from claustrophobia.
  • The attraction must not be attended by people whose health status could become worse as a result of attending this attraction.
  • One bumper is for one person only.
  • Only people at least 10 year old can attend the attraction.
  • The maximum height of the person using the attraction is 190cm and the maximum weight of the person is 100kg.
  • Entry with watches, piercing, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. is forbidden.
  • Entry with eyeglasses and sunglasses is prohibited.
  • Entry for persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs and narcotics is prohibited.
  • The attraction requires sportswear and solid sports shoes. The organizer is not responsible for damaging the clothes or part of the clothes of participating players, viewers and other attendees.
  • Participants take care of the operator's instructions. Instructors are always present and able to help. The operator determines the order of participants' entries regarding to age and weight balanced groups, oversee to safe operation of the attraction.
  • It is forbidden to use an attraction outside of the predefined space.
  • It is forbidden to use the attraction in places with sharp edges or places where there is a danger of damaging the attraction.
  • Entry with food, drink, cigarette, chewing gum, lollypo, etc.is prohibited.
  • The participant starts the activity with the attraction when he is prompted by the operator.
  • It is necessary to take care of your personal safety and to behave with maximum respect to the other participants.
  • Every player attends the attraction at his own risk.
  • Organizer is not responsible for any physical or mental health damage to participating players, viewers and other attendees that have been caused by not following the operating rules or verbal guidance.
  • Follow all operator instructions.

Download operating rules in PDF here.

Differences compared to cheap bumpers

We would like to give you some noticeable differences between the bumpers available on the market, which we think are important for the customer, although they seem to be negligible. Our bumpers are always on the left side of the comparison picture.


The inner part of the bumper is made up of strings which serve mainly to relieve the impact and also keep its shape. At first glance, the images show differences in design. Double strings are used in our bumpers, which are of course much more solid and are attached to grips with less weight. The construction of low-cost bumpers contains simple strings that are attached to massive grips, which of course also reflects the weight of the entire bumper. The TPU material has better properties in comparison to PVC in every aspect and our bumpers can be also used in winter. Transparency of the material is very important too.
left - TPU material, right - PVC
left - lightweight string grips (TPU), right - heavy plastic grips


The weight greatly affects the movement with the bumper, the joy of the game, the physical fatigue and the overall experience of the attraction. Firstly, the weight of the bumper depends on used material. Our bumpers are made of lighter and stronger TPU material. Cheaper bumpers are made of PVC, which is less durable, so thicker layer needs to be used. It reflects the weight of the bumper. Another factor is the string grips inside the structure. There is 200 strings inside of each bumper, so they highly affect the weight. The weight of our bumpers is just under 7kg and the weight of the cheap PVC bumpers is around 15kg! You really do not want to run with it.


The handles you hold inside the bumper play a very important role in terms of safety. On the right picture you can see the hard plastic handles that are used in cheap bumpers. They are usually placed in the face area there is a big chance of hurting your head if you get hit during the game. In our bumpers, the handles are made from solid and soft material. They are placed in the area of the chest, so the movement is natural and player has free view. Each handle is coated with a protective cover to protect your hands in case of hard impacts.
left - lightweight soft handles, right - solid plastic handles
left - straps with reinforcement, right - straps without reinforcement


Other differences are straps that make holding the bumper on the shoulders. In the photos, you may notice a difference in the quality of the material used. The straps in our bumper will increase the comfort of your game and so will withstand your load. Each strap is reinforced from the inner side with a soft material to protect the shoulders from heavy hits. And the most important thing is their simple adjustability, which guarantees the correct setting for each player, greater safety and comfort.

Games and rules

Bumperball - football in bumpers
The standard rules of football are ignored, the ball serves only as a excuse for hitting opponents. Goals can be counted :)

Players simulate the pins and the other player (bowling ball) tries to knock down as many of them as possible. The player who knock down the most pins will win.

Conquering a circle
The players are divided into teams and run against each other from the opposite sides of the playing area. They try to occupy the marked circle with as many players as possible, while pushing the opponents out of the circle. The winners is the team with the most players in the ring when the time runs out.

Last man standing
The goal of the game is to be the last standing player. Everyone tries to hit other opponents and knock them down. Another variation of the game is the so-called "Team deathmatch" when two teams compete against each other instead of individuals.

The goal of the game is to push the opponent off the marked area.

You can also make up your own game.


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