New adrenaline sport Bumperball is a new adrenaline sport and entertainment for everyone, suitable for corporate games and teambuilding. Safe entertainment Safe fun for both men and women thanks to bumper elements designed for maximum safety and comfort.
Guaranteed quality Bumpers come from a leading European manufacturer and have the quality certificates required in the EU.   PRICES RESERVE


Frequently asked questions

Who can play?
Bumperball is designed for men, women and children who want to experience a new kind of entertainment. Players should be at least 10 years old and do not weigh more than 100kg. The play is not suitable for people with health problems and pregnant women.
What games can be played?
Of course bumperball - bubble football or football in bumpers, bubble bowling, deathmatch or the last man standing, the sumo, or just to strike each other. You can also make up your own game.
Are bumpers safe?
Our bumpers are certified in the Czech Republic and meet EU-wide standards of use. Only soft materials are used in the interior for safety reasons.
What is the suitable outfit?
We recommend comfortable sportswear and solid sports shoes. Of course you have to adjust to the temperatures and whether it is played outdoors or inside (t-shirt / shorts, tracksuits / long sleeve).
Where can we play?
The most suitable is a grassy area, multifunctional playground, gym, snow, ice. It is very important that sharp objects are not present on the playing surface (stones, branches, sports equipment in the gym, etc.).
What is the price?
You can find everything you need in the pricelist section. For individual organization of bumperball for teambuilding for companies, social events, adventure agencies, sports facilities please contact us at
How many players can play?
A higher number of players than leased bumpers is appropriate as this activity is physically more demanding. We have 10 bumpers available.
When to play?
Anytime, in summer, in winter, during day or night :) The date will be arranged individually at each booking.


Viktor, 28yo., Bratislava
Excellent for stress relieving, I strongly recommend.
Viktor, 28yo, Bratislava
Peťka, 28yo., Bratislava
Unbelievable fun, I was really amused, women can handle it too :-)
Peťka, 28yo, Bratislava
Matej, 27yo., Bratislava
Full-body workout and great fun in one, you have to experience it!
Matej, 27yo, Bratislava
Milan, 28yo., Bratislava
We tried bumperball instead of a floorball lesson and I do not really regret. Amazing.
Milan, 28yo, Bratislava
Zdeno, 28yo., Bratislava
It's a really good thing. It's like physical excercice but you don't need anything except a good mood for the game.
Zdeno, 28yo, Bratislava
Magdaléna, 25yo., Bratislava
Great experience, I did not even know something like that exists.
Magdaléna, 25yo, Bratislava
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